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Kids Work Shop

Hobby Factory introduces an intelligence building, multi level program for children between of 3-7 years of age.  Hobby Factory at innovation holistically, which means that reforms in classroom practices are accompanied by reforms in examination systems, teacher training methods and the way schools are managed. It also means that learning spaces are extended beyond the school into the community. We has built up an extensive base of resource materials that includes educational literature, children's literature, magazines, textbooks and other learning aids.We also create a learning environment for children, combining intellectually engaging activities along with play, thrill and excitement. Our program is designed to enable learning through a surprise mix of educational games, I.Q. sessions, puzzles, mazes, crosswords and many more brain tickling activities. With us we expose our children to a world beyond academics through a variety of innovative teaching methods and allow them to discover a variety of age appropriate themes and concepts.
The activities are aimed to improve skills related to logical thinking, problem solving, self management, communication and inter personal skills. Our also aim to provide children quality training and polish there inherent skills. We serving parenst value for money.

Kids Studio Activity


Adventures & Life style Hobby Class

Field visits to parks and zoo, bird watching , Physical Fitness classes,

Educational  Hobby Class 

Fun ways to learn mathematics, puzzle solving , IMAX 3D movies, Language classes, English Speaking, Grammer and So many....


Drawing and Craft Hobby Class  

We have syllabus which suits all age group. our intend is children should take Drawing as a profession. We give special individual attention. Qualified and experience faculty. We provide homework sheet and craft material. Regular Parent- teacher interaction. Special attention on creativity. Like Acrylic Painting, Animation Drawing, Canvas Painting, Charcoal Painting, Mehendi, Oil Painting, Pencil Drawing,

Art Hobby Class 

Speech & Drama classes, Calligraphy classes, Phonics, Handwriting Improvement, Speed Writing , Pottery Work Shop , Gardening , Cooking & Baking classes (No Flame Cooking ) Shlokas,  Puppetry, Singing classes, Theatre classes, Kids Gym  and many more....


Musical Instruments Hobby Class

Our Music courses enable kids to become a versatile and practical musician and cover performance on annual festival . Musice Learning is our Indian Anceint Art since like Tablas, Violin , Guitar , Piano , Keyboard , Fluet , Harmoniun and so many ....

Counselling & speech therapy

We have specialised and experienced faculty which take care of improving personality of children. Well written course which look after Childs Physical, emotional, Mental, Social needs

Programmes conducted at Diagnostic Clinic
1. Psycho-diagnostic testing for evaluating mental, social, emotional and physical capabilities       of the retarded.
2. Parent Training Programmes.
3. Orientation and dissemination of information to parents and guardians of the mentally           retarded.
4. Film shows to help parents have a deeper understanding of the behaviour and                       development of the mentally retarded.
5.  Monthly group discussions with parents to exchange notes and experiences.
6.  Discussion with teachers regarding educational goals and behaviour modification plans.
7.  Therapies for those emotionally disturbed children who have behaviour problems.