Hobby Factory
    Empowering | Earning | Eaqulity

Our Mission :

To raise awareness , Training & enhancing the skill about various hobby Idea which will lead to generate additional economics contribution to family .

To form voluntary Organization which will function as an effective reach out mechanism within our society , who are lack the resources and technology to showcase their work in the social sector and To sensitize people about the necessity and significance of giving back to the society.

To bring greater efficiency in working class women , house wife and student ,we firmly believes that by commitment, people engagement and the usage of technology, it is possible to bring a holistic and positive outlook towards new idea of Hobby and voluntary work for the benefit of our Society and its Economic development


Hooby Factory is built on 4 core values that define who we are:

  • Passion with Compassion
  • Drive with Determination
  • Creativity with Commitment
  • Partnership with Accountability