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Naivedya Mahila Gruh Udyog

With our success comes the responsibility to give back to the creative community group Call Nevaidya Mahila Gruh Udyaog ( NMGU ). Women’s empowering is been a central feature of the of this group . First is the capacity to building self-help groups which are in need of support in Earning , financial management, and organisational development. The second concern is about the gender focus in rural & urban financial services to form Equality . Key instruments for supporting women’s empowerment & the context of income-generating activities are self-help groups whereby 10-20 women will be forming this group . A focused approach is to takes a strategic and community investing by seeking partnerships that create meaningful, lasting, and sustainable value. Some of our most enduring and valued relationships include This group will work platform for marketing & distribution channel supports to sale these home made product , produce by this group of women . Hobby Factory will also be educating & training needy women , house wife and those who are looking for extra income to support their family Since Hobby Factory has good linkup with Retail Mall , Shopping Centre , Exhibitions etc . NMGU’s women will come together and will also form Mahila Bachat Ghat to contribute weekly or monthly savings . The profit earned on this distributed product and sold by NMGU’s will also act to provide group loans to their members to grow their business . NMGU is contributing to the mainstreaming financing programmes for promoting self-help groups in and around Mumbai We firmly believe in the importance of art and creativity. we continue to try to add value to the arts, thus enhancing our hobby factory’ rich cultural tradition.