Hobby Factory
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Sonali Dalal

Sonali is an accidental a software taster but who has got sense of Indian culture , its art and dance always passion about searching & learning creativity . she has travelled many place to study the creatively . Sky is not the limit for her, it is the beginning from where she wants to reach the stars and throw some on the earth to add to her life. Three words that describe her – passionate, funny & multitasker. In a nutshell, she is all for very creativity in hobby – admirer and critic . Secretly thinks she is a great critic and is a closet cook, dancer and painter. Is on a mission to make her workshop training less boring but more interesting just like what we have seen in 3 edits movie . She had a vision in last five year to start a concept of all work shop training under one umbrella that’s hobby factory specially for needed women who has passion to learn , to work & to earn . She also has formed self help group call Naivedya Mahial Gruh Udyog to promote & train women , Empowering them to work in group. In short hobby Factory is empowering , earning and equality for women .

Parag Dalal

He is hotelier and graduate in Hotel Management, experienced in Events Management – Sales . As Entrepreneur his vision is to make strong brand in Indian Market with Fire on his belly . He believe in 3C as business module i.e Cooperation , Collaboration and Co- ordination .He has a 360 degree view of life and lives on shots of strong Espresso with an undying appetite for all the good things in life. He is passion for innovation and creativity and is perfectly blended with love for travel and good food . An eternal optimist, you will often find him juggling between passion and pursuit of positivity. Thanks to his immense belief in the power of social meets , his marketing & innovative ides to promotes the site's content , business module and monitors trending latest topics . Once out of work, he likes socialising, catching up the latest flick or relishing the idiot box at home. During weekends Parag is the official babysitter for his extended family members' kids.

About Hobby Factory

Nurtured from the seed of a single great idea - to empowering , Earning and equality in Women – Hobby factory is pioneer in All hobby factory work shop training in a single umbrella . It is a creative , artistic and innovative in its core value that targeted needy women who has passion to learn , to work and to earn with hard work and honesty. Our stories will inform, educate and will leave its benchmark to empowering entrepreneurship in women slef group . But in Short and small Story : In 2010, Sonali started its work shop training with just capital of Rs.250. from the beginning, she got a spark and always wanted to return its share to the society . Her creative idea was founded on the principle of educating art and creativity to needy women & house wife and enhance their lives through enterprise solutions to them . She also supported and given them a small platform to sale their home made product . A small company began its journey in the 2012 with house hold craft, embroidery , cooking class etc . Now she is accelerating in her big dream under an umbrella for all her hobby related work shop for training & has a vision and the spirit to form a big self help group ( Naivedya mahila gruh Udyog ) with multi tasking women Remaining reliable, efficient and at the forefront of creative idea , Hobby factory’s commitment and women-centricity allows it to better in improving , educating and earning life style .